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Lip Blushing is a procedure in which your technician uses a tattoo needle to inject pigment into the lips to create a naturally brighter appearance, or "blush".


This service provides a beautiful hue to the lips that can correct shape and make the lips appear subtly larger.  Lip Blushing is a permanent makeup procedure, but due to sun exposure, cell turnover, and exfoliation, your lip color will last anywhere from one to three years. 




One week prior to your appointment, you must take an enzyme supplement called L-Lysine 1000mg.  You will continue taking this supplement until two weeks after your appointment.  Doing so helps to prevent developing a cold sore during the healing process.  You must also stop taking any fish oil supplements one week prior to your procedure (please consult your doctor before stopping any supplements or medications.)

Take one dose of ibuprofen one hour prior to your appointment.   


Your lips will be fully healed within the next 4-5 days.  However, all clients must continue their aftercare instructions for 7 days.  Over the course of this time, our lips will continue to fade to their true color. Some individuals do experience minimal peeling/scabbing. This is normal, however we want to prevent this as much as possible!  DO NOT PICK YOUR SCABS! It is very important to remove all lymph (clear, white secretion), to prevent scabbing.  Immediately following your procedure, blot the area with a clean wet cotton pad every 1-2 hours for the remainder of the day.  Then immediately apply a thin layer of Aquaphor before bed. Sometimes the lips will bruise even after the procedure. Do not worry, the bruising will go away within a couple hours after the procedure.

It is very important to continue taking your L-Lysine supplement for the next two weeks.


It is very important to remove as much lymph as possible. Blot your lips every 3 hours with a wet cotton pad, then immediately apply a thin layer of Aquaphor.  Repeat this from the time you wake up until bed. Before bed, make sure you apply Aquaphor. 

DAYS 3-7

Your lips must stay hydrated.  Your lips must have a thin layer of Aquaphor on them at all times of the day.  It is recommended to apply the Aquaphor a minimum of 5x a day.

DAYS 8-30

Continue applying Aquaphor when dry or needed.



Taking Plan B Contraceptive within the first 7 days of your procedure will result in 100% loss of pigment!!!

When having laser treatments such as laser hair removal, you MUST tell the service provider that you have micropigmentation on your lips! THEY MUST BE COVERED!  If they are not covered, your lips can hyperpigmentate and turn black.  This cannot be repaired or covered!


Avoid the following from days 1-7


Dental Work

Mouth Washes

Hot / Spicy Dishes - or if you must, cut your food into small bites before consuming with a fork


Lipstick / Lipgloss

Tanning beds 




If you experience a cold sore, please contact your technician immediately.  Cold sores are common with lip micropigmentation, especially if you carry the gene.  To kill the bacteria without ruining your pigment, you must apply whiskey to the area with a Q-tip 3-4 times a day.  DO NOT USE ABREVA or any other type of cold sore medication!  All clients who experience a cold sore must continue to take L-Lysine supplement until the 6-8 week touch up appointment.

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