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Following your procedure, your technician will apply Aquaphor to your brows to help close the wound and stop any residual bleeding or lymphatic drainage.  Rinse and cleanse your brows four hours after your appointment with a gentle facial cleanser.  Cleanse your brows twice a a day with a gentle facial cleanser, using an in-to-out motion. Do not go against the hair as this can loosen the scabs and cause them to fall off prematurely. 

You may experience swelling that can be managed with soft gel ice packs. Place chilled gel ice packs (in refrigerator only) in a plastic bag before applying to protect the microshaded area from any moisture. The following day your brows will appear darker or show some redness. This is normal. As the brows enter the natural healing process, the color will fade throughout the next 7 days.



As the skin starts the natural healing process, you may experience some flaking and/or scabbing. Picking or peeling any flakes or scabs can cause loss of implanted pigment and scarring. Refrain from touching the microshaded area. If your brows itch, wet a Q-Tip and tap the itchy area but do not rub. Refrain from touching the area whenever possible.


Pools, jacuzzis, tanning, excess sweating, facials, and saunas should be avoided for a period of at least 10 days or until microshaded area is fully healed. Cleanse your brows morning and evening with a gentle cleanser and apply in to out, never back and forth. Splash to rinse. When showering or bathing, avoid putting your face directly under the shower stream.  Until your brows are healed, wear a brimmed hat in the sun. Sun blocks should always be applied to the healed microshaded area (SPF 60 recommended) when staying out in the sun for an extended period of time. Skin creams and products containing Retin-A, AHA, or any kind of skin peel must ever not be used directly on the microshaded area as they will fade and possibly distort your brows.



Microshading is a two part procedure, and the second appointment must be done 6-8 weeks following the initial appointment.  This is a custom designed brow and you may require several touch ups to ensure the skin retains the pigment and you achieve your desired look. Your first touch up is included in the price of the initial procedure, but all other touch ups are priced upon consultation.



The color immediately after microshading will appear very sharp, dark, and “large” but will soften, fade, and “shrink” considerably as the healing processes concludes.  Your new brows will be complete and you can expect to see your final appearance up to 4 weeks after your final touch-up visit.


Taking Plan B Contraceptive within the first 7 days of your procedure will result in 100% loss of pigment!!!

When having laser treatments such as laser hair removal, you MUST tell the service provider that you have micropigmentation. THEY MUST BE COVERED!  If they are not covered, your BROWS can hyperpigmentate and turn black.  This cannot be repaired or covered!


Microshading is a service in which your technician uses a tattoo needle to inject pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. 


This service is best for clients with oily skin types and scarring, as well as those desiring a filled in or "powder" look.  Microshading is a permanent makeup procedure, but due to sun exposure, cell turnover, and exfoliation, your brows will last anywhere from two to five years before needing a touch up. 

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